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Skilled Nursing Is Keeping More Seniors In Their Homes

Skilled Nursing in Rockville MD
Skilled Nursing in Rockville MD

More seniors than ever are choosing to stay in their homes as they get older, which is certainly understandable. But sometimes seniors who have serious or chronic medical conditions may not feel like it is possible to age in place while managing their health. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Many adults that have medical conditions can remain independent and live happily at home with the help of skilled nursing at home.

When seniors have skilled nursing care at home they are able to better manage their chronic health problems and get the medical care they need to manage their care while still being able to lice at home. Skilled nursing care can help seniors with things like:

Managing Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be tough for seniors. They have to constantly monitor their weight and their blood sugar while trying to make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle on the fly to lower their A1C. With skilled nursing care seniors with diabetes can do weigh-ins, get nutritional advice, monitor their activity, check their blood sugar, and keep track of vitals like their blood pressure and heart rate. Skilled nursing makes it easier for seniors to manage their diabetes at home.

Recovery After A Stroke

Seniors who are released from the hospital after a stroke often are expected to go into a rehab facility to continue their recovery once they are out of immediate medical danger. But seniors who have had a stroke have a very high risk of having another one. Skilled nursing care at home allows seniors to recover at home instead of in a facility and a skilled nurse can monitor your senior parent’s vital signs, help their recovery, and be there to help them if they do have another stroke. After a major medical event like a stroke skilled nursing care can help seniors recovery safely at home.

Recovering After Surgery

After seniors have surgery like a heart transplant or surgery to remove cancer they will likely be unable to get dressed and go out of the house to follow up medical appointments for quite some time. Skilled nursing allows seniors to stay at home and still get the medical monitoring and care they need. Seniors who have skilled nursing care at home will have someone in the house to check their surgical incision, change a catheter if necessary, and generally make sure that the senior is safe and healthy.

Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease robs seniors of their mobility by causing balance problems, inability to pick up their feet and walk properly, and trouble using arms as well as their legs. That can make it very difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s to get to medical appointments for routine care and monitoring of their condition. With skilled nursing, seniors can get the care they need right in their homes so they don’t need to go out of the house.

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