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Skilled Nursing Offers Post-operative Care at Home

Skilled Nursing in Olney MD
Skilled Nursing in Olney MD

Older adults may have more options for recovering at home after a surgery than they think possible. Resources like skilled nursing care at home can offer seniors a smoother recovery process that doesn’t skimp on medical attention. In fact, having nurses there at home with them during recovery can help seniors to have a much better post-operative experience than they might have thought was possible.

Comfort at Home

There’s a lot to be said for the comforts of being at home, especially after a surgery. For seniors in particular, recovering at home in familiar surroundings can be a powerful plus throughout the recovery process. Skilled nursing care at home allows seniors to stay at home where they most want to be, while experiencing less stress overall.

Individual Care

Seniors who are recovering at home aren’t just another patient on the same floor needing the attentions of the nurses on duty. They’re the only patient, and their individual needs and preferences are a lot easier for nurses to accommodate in that environment. Seniors have a better experience overall because their treatment plan is designed around their individual recovery goals and needs.

Improved Independence

When seniors decide they want to age in place, they do so for a variety of reasons. One of the most common, however, is the desire to hang onto independence for as long as possible. Recovering from surgery at home means that seniors are in their own environments and making their own decisions. Independence is much easier to maintain in that environment.

Reduced Risk of Infections

After a surgery, the biggest risk tends to be the risk of infection. Heading home from the hospital as soon as possible is one way to reduce infection risk, but at home there are other opportunities for complications. Skilled nursing assistance at home allows seniors to come home as soon as possible and have experienced help with wound care, too. This is the best of both worlds and greatly reduces infection risk.

Continuity of Care

Coming home from the hospital is something that every patient wants and looks forward to, but it can also be a stressful time. Skilled nursing care at home ensures that seniors have continuity of care, with people who understand what they need as they recover. Nurses are also able to keep healthcare providers updated about changes and situations that need monitoring.

Faster Recovery Times

Overall, what seniors need most is to be able to recover as quickly as possible after something intense like a surgery. Skilled nurses contribute to a faster and more successful recovery because seniors aren’t stressed because they’re in a hospital setting but they also know they have the best possible care at home. They’ve got the best case scenario in order to heal as quickly as they can.

When seniors need to recover from surgery, the road to a faster and better recovery typically happens with the help of skilled nursing assistance at home. Nurses watch for complications and help aging adults get the care that they need to thrive throughout the recovery process.

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