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The Value of Dairy In a Senior’s Diet

Senior Home Care in Clarksville MD

Often, dairy is seen as good or bad for a person. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle. While consuming large quantities of full fat cheeses and milk products can increase cholesterol levels and body weight, other dairy products offer wonderful benefits. Dairy can provide protein and other vitamins and minerals, making it a […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Senior

Home Care in Rockville MD

Your senior loved one will need tons of people on their side if they want to age in place. They will need the support of family, home care, doctors, nurses, and more. If your loved one doesn’t yet have a doctor, this can be a huge problem because they will have health problems as they […]

Six Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Senior Home Care in Columbia MD

Strength training sounds like something that only big, burly guys can do. But strength training can have excellent benefits for aging adults. The key is that they need to engage in these exercises safely. Having senior home care providers there for additional support can help seniors to be as safe as possible while also adding […]

The Benefits of Home Health Care for These 3 Common Senior Surgeries

Home Health Care in Potomac MD

Have you ever thought about the most common surgeries in older women in the United States? If your mom has to undergo one of these surgeries, how prepared is your family to help her during the recovery? No matter which surgery she needs, living alone can make the recovery period challenging. After any surgery, typical […]

Five Important Steps in Preventing Falls for Seniors

Physical Therapy in Olney MD

Falls among seniors can have serious consequences, including injuries, hospitalizations, and a loss of independence. Fortunately, many falls can be prevented with proper measures and care. There are a lot of factors that make seniors more likely to experience a fall, including existing injuries and health issues, but tools like physical therapy can help. Consider […]

Lighting Upgrades Seniors Should Make To Get Ready For Fall

Elder Care in Laurel MD

Fall is coming. That means seniors should start thinking about their lighting. When the mornings are dark for a longer period of time and the sun sets very early, having good lighting is important. Seniors who are already prone to having low vision need to make sure that the lighting inside and outside their homes […]

What Are the Biggest Signs that Seniors Need Home Care?

Home Care in Silver Springs MD

Seniors who intend to live at home for as long as possible often don’t fully realize when they need more help in order to make that happen. It can also be difficult for family caregivers to recognize when things have gotten to a stage when home care would make a big difference. Watching for signs […]

Best Foods to Prevent Constipation

Senior Home Care in Bethesda MD

Many elderly individuals struggle with constipation. It can cause a lot of discomfort and make your loved one want to stay home and miss some wonderful family time or important events. The key to managing constipation is often staying on top of it by having a diet that promotes good digestion and the fiber your […]

5 Times When 24-Hour Home Care Could Benefit Your Dad

24-Hour Home Care in Laurel MD

What is 24-hour home care? It’s a service where a team of caregivers works in shifts to cover an entire day and night of home care. When would this level of care be appropriate and necessary to help your dad maintain his well-being? He’s Had a Stroke After a stroke, your dad’s hospital may allow […]

7 Things You Need to Know About Elder Care

Elder Care in Chevy Chase MD

Elder care is a service for older adults who want to stay in their current home. Instead of moving to an assisted living community, they stay in their home with the support of their friends, family, and elder care aides. Here are seven things you need to know about elder care services. Elder Care Aides […]

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