4 Things You Can Do To Get Your Senior Parent To Eat More

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Malnutrition is something that affects many seniors. Some studies indicate that a huge percentage of seniors could be malnourished at any given point in time. Sometimes that’s because seniors just aren’t eating the right kinds of foods but other times it’s because seniors just aren’t eating enough food. There are a lot of reasons why […]

24-Hour Home Care Makes It Possible To Live At Home

24-Hour Home Care in Clark NJ

When asked where they would like to live in a poll, overwhelmingly seniors said that they wanted to age in place in their homes. And the number of seniors that want to spend their retirement years enjoying the homes they have worked for throughout the years is only going up. But family members are often […]

The Best Warming Winter Foods For Seniors

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During the winter months, it can be a challenge for seniors to stay warm and to get enough to eat. Even though seniors keep the heat on high they can get cold because of drafts that occur in older homes. Seniors burn more calories when they’re trying to stay warm, and a lot of seniors […]

4 Things You Can Do To Avoid The Flu

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December is National Handwashing Awareness Month and it’s the perfect time to put a spotlight on all the things that can be done to avoid getting the flu. Before people start gathering for the holidays is the best time to make a game plan for avoiding getting the flu. The flu can be deadly for […]

Creating the Perfect Senior Fall Bucket List

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It’s official, fall has begun and now is the perfect time to focus on your senior loved one. Oftentimes the leaves turn colors, and the weather becomes a more comfortable temperature for seniors. This is the time to let your senior have fun and spend more time with them. Even if you’re out of state, […]

Finding Holistic Health Approaches for Your Senior

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When most people speak about being healthy, they mean being free of bodily signs of sickness. But when it comes to holistic health and well-being, it’s about much more than merely being physically active. It’s also about having a well-rounded lifestyle – the ideal balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. When our loved ones […]