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6 Services That Home Health Care Covers

Home Health Care in Olney MD
Home Health Care in Olney MD

Have you ever stopped to think about the ways you can keep your dad safe even when he has a health issue that requires regular medical attention? Home health care is the perfect solution.

Suppose your dad had a stroke. He’s been released from the hospital, but his medical team has a long list of care services he needs while he regains strength and motor skills. Here are six services that it covers that assist your dad with his medical care needs.

At-Home Therapy Sessions

Your dad needs to work with a physical, occupational, or speech therapist. He gets frustrated having to walk down the stairs and to the driveway where your car is parked. Instead of making him walk that far, have therapists come to his home.

With home health care, his physical therapy sessions are completed as often as necessary in his home. The same happens with speech and occupational therapy.

Catheter Care

Your dad doesn’t have bladder control yet and he’s still in bed. For now, his doctor wants a catheter used. It’s not something you can take care of. A home health care nurse can. When the time is right to remove the catheter, the nurse can remove it without having to take your dad to a medical office.

Dietary Changes

Your dad’s doctors want his diet changed. It’s all new to you, and you and your dad need help to learn what foods to avoid, what he needs to eat more of, and how to create balanced meals that meet his nutritional needs. A home health care specialist can come to his home and offer education on heart-healthy, low-sodium, and low-sugar diets.

Feeding Tubes

For now, your dad is using a feeding tube to get his nutrients. His home health care nurse can administer the feedings, and check the area around the tube to make sure it’s secure and there’s no infection. And after the feedings, the nurse flushes the tubes to make sure they don’t develop a blockage.

Medication Administration

Your dad is going to take medications that may require him to have them by IV for now. Until he’s able to swallow pills without a problem, he needs his medications through an IV line or through an injection. You can’t do that, but a home health care nurse can.

Vital Signs

Each day, your dad’s doctors want his blood pressure, weight, pulse, respiratory rates, and oxygen saturation levels recorded. His home health care nurses can take these measurements, record them, and share the outcome with the doctor to discuss if your dad needs additional care or is doing okay.

Make the arrangements for home health care today. Call and talk to an advisor about your dad’s health and what the doctors have recommended for home health care services.


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