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Tips For Making Family Travel With Seniors Stress Free

In-Home Care in Olney MD: Traveling with seniors can be difficult for family members, and traveling can be tough on seniors too.
In-Home Care in Olney MD
In-Home Care in Olney MD

December is National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month! And this year everyone needs a stress-free holiday because it’s been a tough year for almost everyone. Spending time with family and enjoying the holidays shouldn’t be stressful, but sometimes stresses creep in and put a damper on the holiday spirit. Traveling with seniors can be difficult for family members, and traveling can be tough on seniors too. In the spirit of having a Stress-Free family Holiday this year you can use these tips to make traveling with a senior loved one easier during the holiday season:

Rely on In-Home Care

In-home care for seniors is a big help during the holidays. With in-home care, seniors get the care they need at home and they will have extra help around the house for things like packing. A care provider can help your senior loved one pack for a trip, shop for gifts, wrap gifts, and do other tasks that have to get done before leaving for a holiday trip or a family holiday vacation.

Have Several Backup Plans

Planning ahead is key when you’re traveling with a senior parent. But one plan is never enough. You need to always be thinking several moves ahead and have a game plan for what to do if your senior loved one’s flight get cancelled or you have to make other travel arrangements. If you have created several backup plans in your mind and prepared for those too then you won’t have to worry. Make double hotel reservations in case one falls through. Rent a car if you need to. Know the locations of the closest urgent care and emergency rooms. Planning ahead in every possible way will ensure that your holiday goes smoothly.

Rent A Car

If you’re traveling by car with a senior parent rent a car. Most of today’s cars are not built for seniors and senior comfort. Rent a van or an SUV that has lots of room and is easy for someone with physical changes to get in an out of. Your whole family will be much more comfortable in a rented car that is created for comfort than they would be getting shoved into your family car for a very long trip. Splurge on the rented car that has the DVD player in the back so that your kids and your senior parents will be able to watch movies and stay busy while you drive.

Keep An Essentials Bag Closely At All Times

Pack a bag for your senior loved one that will stay with you at all times. This pack should contain your senior parent’s ID and any papers that they need. It should also have an MP3 player and headphones in it. Seniors who don’t enjoy traveling or are having a hard time with the trip can listen to audiobooks or music that will keep them occupied while you are driving. The essentials bag should also contain snacks, bottled waters, a sweater, a change of clothing, and other items they might need.

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