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Tips To Keep Seniors Cozy And Warm on Cold Nights

Personal Care at Home in Silver Spring MD: Even when the thermostat is set at a consistent temperature, seniors can get quite cold because of the drafts in their home.
Personal Care at Home in Silver Spring MD
Personal Care at Home in Silver Spring MD

Seniors aging at home often have older homes that can have drafts. On cold winter nights, those drafts can make seniors very uncomfortable. But there are some things that seniors can do to beat the cold and the drafts without doing major home renovations or like blowing in more insulation. Some things that seniors can do to stay warm on cold winter nights are:

Personal Care At Home

Bringing in personal care at home makes it easier for seniors to safely get in and out of bed when they need to. Personal care at home provides help with things like hygiene tasks and getting in and out of bed. So seniors who would get cold because they would need to get up won’t get cold if they have personal care at home. A provider can bring them a glass of water, an extra blanket, or whatever they need so your senior loved one doesn’t have to get up. And they can also help seniors get out of bed or into bed quickly and efficiently before they can get cold.

Heated Mattress Pads

Heated mattress pads aren’t very expensive and they can be a game changer for seniors in cold climates. Seniors can adjust the temperature that they want to be and keep it at that temperature all night long. The consistent heat is excellent for seniors that have arthritis or joint problems or even just sore muscles. Just make sure that your senior parent isn’t turning up the heat too high on the mattress pad or they could get overheated.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets are another good option for seniors in drafty homes. Electric blankets are thick and warm and have multiple heat settings so that every senior can find one they the like. Electric blankets are totally safe to have in bed and most have automatic shutoffs and timers so that the time when the blanket heats up can be set. Electric blankets can be used in bed but also on the couch or in a chair to help seniors stay warm even if they don’t sleep in a traditional bed with a traditional mattress.

Let Their Pet In Bed

Does your senior parent sleep with their pet? They should! Pets love to sleep their owners and the warmth of a cozy pet cuddled up all night is like having the best kind of electric blanket. Your senior loved one will get a much better sleep if they are curled up with a snoozing dog or cat. And most of the time the dogs and cats won’t get up and leave in the middle of the night so that comfort and warmth is consistent. Your senior parent’s dog or cat may need their own blanket though because pets often don’t want to share the comforter with the humans they sleep with and try to take over all the covers.

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