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5 Ideas for Helping to Prevent High Cholesterol

Home Care Assistance in Bethesda MD: Trying to avoid high cholesterol? Here are a few great tips for you and your family.
Home Care Assistance in Bethesda MD
Home Care Assistance in Bethesda MD

High cholesterol is something that so many aging adults face every year. If your senior isn’t already dealing with high cholesterol, she may still be able to prevent it. These ideas can do a lot to make lower cholesterol levels much more possible for your senior. What matters most is that she’s willing to try some of these steps and see if they work for her before she gives up on them.

Talk to a Doctor

Does your elderly family member already know her risk factors for high cholesterol? If she doesn’t know what they are, now is the time for her to talk with her doctor about what’s happening. High cholesterol isn’t something that she’s likely to feel or have symptoms for, so her doctor is going to run blood tests and look at other factors to help her understand what she’s facing. From there, her doctor may have other recommendations.

Help Her to Get More Active

Physical activity is a great way to prevent high cholesterol. Being more active helps to strengthen and protect your senior’s heart and entire circulatory system, which directly impacts her risks for high cholesterol. Talk with her doctor about exercise before your senior starts moving more, just to make sure it’s a good idea for her.

Consider Some Dietary Changes

If your elderly family member’s diet tends more toward processed foods and unhealthy choices, she might want to rethink that. It’s not always an easy set of choices, though. That’s even more accurate if your aging family member finds it difficult to cook or has a tough time with other activities related to cooking. Home care assistance can make a big difference in managing dietary changes.

Avoid Smoking

What does smoking have to do with cholesterol levels? More than you would think. People who smoke are at a huge risk of lots of health issues but smoking definitely damages the circulatory system. That includes causing trouble for her body and for her cholesterol levels. Quitting is always the best choice, but it isn’t necessarily easy. Her doctor may be able to help your senior kick smoking for good.

Line up Help from Home Care Assistance

Some of these changes are really a lot bigger than they seem. Looking at a list is easy but implementing these ideas can take some work. That’s where senior care professionals can really make life easier for your elderly family member. Home care assistance can keep your elderly family member on track and remind her about what she needs to do and why. Caregivers can also offer hands-on assistance when your senior needs it most.

Keeping up with her cholesterol levels is important, too. Your elderly family member’s doctor may want your senior to have some regular blood tests done to see how the changes she’s making are helping her to keep her numbers in the right ranges. If she’s doing all the right things and not getting results, medication may be the next step.

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