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The Benefits of Home Health Care for These 3 Common Senior Surgeries

Home Health Care in Potomac MD
Home Health Care in Potomac MD

Have you ever thought about the most common surgeries in older women in the United States? If your mom has to undergo one of these surgeries, how prepared is your family to help her during the recovery? No matter which surgery she needs, living alone can make the recovery period challenging.

After any surgery, typical care instructions are to keep the incision clean and dry, replacing the bandages as needed. Avoiding strenuous activity and not lifting anything heavier than five pounds is also common. This is all hard to manage when you live alone, but home health care services provide the help your mom needs for her recovery from any of these top surgeries.

Cataract Removal

Around 3.7 million people are diagnosed with cataracts each year that require surgery. It’s generally an easy surgery that doesn’t require general anesthesia. Your mom is often ready to go home within a couple of hours.

For her post-surgery care, she’ll wear an eye patch for a day or two. She’s going to have topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications that must be administered properly. A home health care nurse can help with that if your mom’s too shaky to apply medications to her eyes on her own.

Heart Surgery

If your mom’s arteries in her heart become clogged with plaque, a surgical procedure that removes the plaque and restores full blood flow by placing a stent is necessary. These procedures usually require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Once your mom returns home, she may need to take it easy for a few weeks. She’s going to have medications to take, which is something a nurse can help her with. Your mom also needs to work on her diet, and a nutritionist can help her learn how to plan a heart-healthy menu and make better choices when shopping.

If she has to have heart bypass surgery, the recovery time for that is greater. It’s important to have a nurse with her to check her vitals. Her pain management needs may be greater for a longer period. She’s also going to need help with incision care, physical therapy, and diet.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgeries are also very common in older women. Hip replacement is one of the prevalent surgeries, but it could also be a knee, ankle, or shoulder joint.

Your mom may stay in the hospital for a couple of days. After that, she will go home and needs to take it easy, but she also needs to carefully exercise the joint. Working with a physical therapist is often recommended.

She’s also going to experience some pain. If she’s given prescription pain medications, they need to be carefully managed. Otherwise, she needs to time doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Nurses can help her with medication administration. They can also help with incision care.

Home health care services are an important part of the recovery plan. Your mom may not be able to care for herself as well as she needs to. A home health care nurse helps with incision care, diet, physical therapy, nutrition, and health assessments. Ask your mom’s surgeon about your mom’s recovery plan to determine how nurses can help.


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