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Six Strategies to Make it Easier to Accept Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance in Potomac MD
Home Care Assistance in Potomac MD

Over time, seniors get to a point where they need some more help. Some seniors may even need a lot more help with daily tasks that used to be easy for them to manage on their own. But accepting home care assistance is a different story. The desire to remain independent and not wanting to be a burden to anyone else can be strong enough that seniors resist extra help. Here are some strategies that can help.

Focus on What Home Care Can Do

To start, it can be a good idea to sit down with seniors and share with them what exactly elder care services can do for them. Often seniors aren’t sure what home care assistance is all about, and that is what contributes to the resistance. Some of the aspects to highlight include help with household tasks, assistance with meal preparation, transportation help, and help with safety issues.

Talk About the Resistance

Having some open and honest conversations about the resistance and why it’s there can also help. Family caregivers may need to focus on listening more than sharing at this stage, because seniors may be less resistant when they feel heard. This helps get to the root of the resistance.

Use “We” Statements Instead of “You” Statements

When family caregivers use “you” statements, it can feel to aging adults as if they’re being confronted or told what to do. It’s important to support autonomy throughout this process, which means that using “we” statements can get a better reaction. This can be a partnership instead.

Tackle the Urgent Issues First

It’s vital to address the urgent and most pressing concerns first. That means identifying issues that are causing problems, like tripping hazards and fall risks, and then putting a plan together to resolve them. Home care assistance can be invaluable in helping families to do this and it’s a great way for seniors to see how this type of help makes a difference for them.

Work on Ways to Bolster Independence

If a big part of the resistance is about maintaining independence, seniors need to understand how elder care can help them to become more independent. Seniors can participate in creating their care plans, having direct involvement in their routines and expressing preferences. Caregivers are there to offer support, not to take over the situation.

Set Some Timeframe Boundaries to Try Home Care Assistance

When seniors understand that they’re in charge of what’s happening, some resistance starts to melt away. Setting some timeframe boundaries, like with a trial period for senior care services, is just one way to do this. Putting together a calendar and marking out what days and times home care assistance will be there can really help seniors to feel less overwhelmed about the changes they’re facing.

By making it easier to accept home care assistance, family caregivers are able to put structured support in place for the seniors they love. This helps seniors to be safer, healthier, and happier while keeping their quality of life as high as possible.

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