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Home Health Care in Beltsville MD

Your loved ones can benefit from home health care nurses in several situations. Nurses help after surgeries. They can inject medication or add IV lines in the comfort of home. There are also services with dietitians and therapists. Home health care nurses can take vital signs, report to the doctor, and adjust medications under a doctor’s orders.

Usually, a doctor will talk to your family about the benefits of home health care services. Instead of forcing your mom or dad to stay in a hospital ward, it’s possible to go home for the rest of the recovery. Being in a familiar bedroom helps with the mental and physical recovery. Before you call an agency, it’s essential to know how to hire the best home health care workers.

Ask the Medical Team for Input

You will want a list of the recommended services that your loved one will need from a home health care provider. Your mom is coming home following surgery, so expect wound care and help with medications to be on that list.

Your dad has cancer and needs chemo treatments. His doctor may allow them to happen at home with an RN to put in the IV lines and administer the infusion.

Create a List of Questions

Come up with a list of questions you and your parents want to ask the home health care agency. Ask the questions during the interview process. If you are not comfortable with an answer, it may be better to move to another possible nurse. If you’re not sure you understand, ask for clarification.

Assess the Care Needs

In addition to what the doctor says is needed, do your own assessment. If your loved one needs wound care, the doctor may tell you you can manage it independently. If you’re not convinced you’re capable of cleaning, dressing, and inspecting incisions for signs of infection, push for nurses to come to the home.

Depending on the incision, your dad’s surgeon may say you can take out his stitches. You’ll even be handed a suture removal kit. You’ll have to be very confident you’re comfortable doing this. If not, see if it’s possible to have a skilled nurse remove the stitches as part of the wound care service.

Gather your list of questions and call us today. You’ll be able to ask about the services and prices before finalizing the list of services. With the help of a home health care specialist, you’ll have a comprehensive care plan that matches your family’s needs.

If you are considering home health care in Beltsville, MD, for an aging loved one, please contact the caring staff at Care at Home of Rockville. Call today: (301) 970-9706.

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