Home Care Assistance in Bethesda MD
Home Care Assistance in Bethesda MD

Did you know there are studies that show being creative can help people to improve their overall health? It can help with specific aspects of one’s health, too. As you are taking care of your elderly loved one, there are some things you may want to learn about creativity and living healthier. The information you learn here today can be shared with your elderly loved one. You can let them know the benefits of being creative and some ideas for how to be more creative.

Creativity Benefits for Senior Citizens

As just mentioned, there are numerous health benefits of being creative for elderly people. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improving the immune system
  • Naturally improving health
  • Less risk for falls
  • Less doctor’s appointments
  • Feeling more joyful
  • Having a purpose in life
  • Seeing things in a positive way
  • Getting in touch with one’s goals and values
  • Smiling and laughing more
  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Easing depression

These are only some of the various health benefits that your elderly loved one can receive from being creative. Now that you know about these benefits, you and home care assistance providers can help your elderly loved one to be more creative.

Ideas to Be More Creative Each Day

Now that the benefits are mentioned, your elderly loved one might need some ideas on how they can be more creative. Some of the ideas that other senior citizens have used to be creative include:

  • Coloring (you can even get your elderly loved one an adult coloring book)
  • Making stamp projects (they can send these to loved ones and friends)
  • Gardening (indoor or outdoor gardens can be fun)
  • Arranging floral decorations (for decor in their house or to give to others)
  • Writing stories, books, or poems (for themselves or to share with others
  • Joining a book club (there are many books that can help to keep your elderly loved one’s brain healthier)

These are just some of the many ideas for how your elderly loved one can be more creative. Make sure you share these ideas with them as soon as you can. Then, you or a home care provider can do some of these activities with your elderly loved one regularly.


Has your elderly loved one been experiencing any health problems? Even if they haven’t, but you want to help them prevent health issues, creativity can help more than you may realize. If your elderly loved one starts to be more creative, they could experience some or even all of the benefits mentioned above. They can start by doing any one of the activities noted here today. If needed, you or a home care assistance provider can help them with these activities.


If you are considering home care assistance in Bethesda, MD, for a loved one, please contact the caring staff at Care at Home of Rockville. Call today: (301) 923-4707.

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