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Don't let a home that no longer suits your needs prevent you from having your best retirement possible.

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Choosing a home for your best retirement is more complicated than many people realize. As the years of retirement stretch on, our needs and abilities change. Sometimes, the home that has served a person well for decades can become a hazard due to stairs or other obstacles that are no longer suitable. Moreover, there are multiple complicated considerations when relocating. Is a privately owned home still appropriate? If a residential solution is now the best answer, how does one manage waiting lists, and what's the difference between a personal care home, CCRM, senior living community, etc?

Care at Home's Relocation Managers (RMs) will perform a detailed, in-home consultation to determine all the health, facility, service, social, and healthcare needs. Then we find the best combination of home care services and residential solutions to fit your needs. Our Relocation Managers help you tour the options and keep working with you until the best possible solution is achieved. We even help arrange moving services.

Our team includes a licensed Realtor with over twenty years of experience working with seniors who will provide not only retirement-living expertise but also the real estate market know-how that will get you the best deal. We assist you with modifying, downsizing, or rightsizing your home to promote aging in place or to improve your retirement nest egg!

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Continuum of Care Retirement Communities

Personal Care Homes

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